4 May 2016

Our territory

Why choose Tuscany?

This part of Tuscany, where we are situated, is a beautiful strip of land between the Apuan Alps and the sea. It encloses excellent opportunities in different sectors.

The nearby cities such as Firenze, Pisa and Lucca make this area more attractive and interesting from a cultural, tourist and artistic point of view.

Besodes the hotel industry, farm holidays, a great combination of tourism and agriculture, represent the ideal synthesis of different experiences, appreciated in Europe and all around the world .

Il Territorio: Castello Aghinolfi di Montignoso
Il Territorio: Borgo di Caprigliola
Il Territorio: Castello di Monti
Il Territorio: Fantiscritti
Il territorio: Firenze Florence
Il territorio: Fosdinovo
Il Territorio: Manarola - Le Cinque Terre
Il Territorio: Pisa
Il Territorio: Portovenere
Il territorio: Le spiagge

 Massa – Carrara – Versilia

Versilia is famous for its relevant tourist and nautical activities, as well as its food and drink with its delicious dishes.  The most important tourist area of Versilia is Viareggio with its maritime industry. This centre of excellence, with its world-renowned shipyards, attracts buyers and traders from all over the world.

The Apuan Alps, capped in winter and green during the summer, offer the amazing view of white marble quarries from which Michelangelo drew for his sculptures. Here students from all over the world come to learn the ancient and modern marble working.

Lunigiana is important for its history, the medieval castles that rise majestically above the wooded green valleys and its typical dishes.

Finally, close to Tuscany, in Liguria, it is possible to discover the famous “5 Terre” with its beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea.